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Our Gallery features images from Warren and Pete along with our members. Feel free to submit you images to our WEB Master peterproulx@gmail.com.
Warren Keller & Peter Proulx

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Warren's Images (more of Warren's images here)

M31 in Andromeda - Warren A. Keller

Pete's Images

Cocoon Nebula LRGB - Peter ProulxIC1805 'The Heart Nebula' - NB Hubble Palette Pete ProulxRosette in H-Alpha - Peter Proulx

Ron Brecher's Before and After Images (Ron's Web Site)
I had been using exclusively PI for image processing for 4 years before I discovered the IP4AP tutorials. I was very happy with the “before" pictures at the time, but the IP4AP tutorials helped me take the “after" images to a whole new level by showing me how and where to incorporate new tools into my processing workflow. Some of the things I learned from IP4AP have now become part of my standard deep sky processing workflow, and I still go back to the tutorials from time to time for special processing tasks, like building multi-pane mosaics.
Clear skies,

CED214 After IP4AP.comCED214 Before IP4AP.comIC405 After IP4AP.comIC405 Before IP4AP.com