Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part 2 is the next step towards mastery of Photoshop for Astro-Image Processing.

Photoshop Foundations Intermediate Part-2

Preview PS-0 How to get the most out of this series with the Camtasia Flash Player - Intermediate Part-2 was created with Camtasia. This tutorial demonstrates the features of Camtasia please watch this first so you will get the maximum benefits from this series. 1:19min

PS-1 Introduction to Photoshop Intermediate Part-2 - A tour of the universe set to beautiful music, sets the stage for the next adventure in mastering Astrophotographic Processing. 3:06min

PS-2 The Kitchen - Like a great meal, a great image is only as good as the chef, but also only as good as 'the kitchen'. Warren discusses the Photoshop Working Space , Monitor Calibration, and the innovations of CS3 and CS4. 4:14min

Preview PS-3 Color - The methodology and philosophy of today's Chrominance with Monochrome and One-Shot CCDs (DSLR too!). 3:11min

PS-4 Color Bias - Understanding and Eliminating the preliminary threat to beautiful color.

PS-5 Color Balance - With Bias eliminated, the subtle nuances of achieving perfect color balance are discussed. 6:28min

PS-6 Color Saturation - The first of The Five Ss- Saturating. The latest methods for achieving rich, beautiful color are discussed. 4:24min

PS-7 Selecting-1 - Learn the Secrets of Selecting through the use of Masks to effect changes only where they are wanted! Conceal-All Masks are covered. 6:35min

PS-8 Selecting-2 - Threshold Masks 5:11min

PS-9 Selecting-3 - Reveal-All and Inverted Masks 5:16min

Preview PS-10 Stretching - Having covered Curves extensively, we look at the Shadow/Highlight command as a powerful, nonlinear manipulator of the histogram. 5:38min

PS-11 Sharpening-1 - The philosophy and methodology of Sharpening. Learn Photoshop's powerful sharpening filters to bring out fine detail- Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, and Edge Sharpening. 6:48min

PS-12 Sharpening-2 - The High Pass Filter, Focus Magic and other Plugins, Deconvolution, Wavelets, and Selective Sharpening. 5:48min

PS-13 Sharpening-3 - Dust Lane Enhancement, and Star Removal are demonstrated. 6:35min 

PS-14 Stars - Make these forgotten 'stars' shine! Beautiful stars with Star Shaping, Shrinking, and Softening. 5:56min

PS-15 More Stars - Further enhance these beauties with Local Saturating and Sharpening. Also covers fixing Trailed Stars. 4:47min

PS-16 Smoothing - Noise Reduction filters are covered, including Reduce Noise, Neat Image, Despeckle, etc. 6:40min

PS-17 Saving - Yes, another 'S'! Saving for Archive, Web, Print Preparation, Resampling, NIK Sharpener, etc. 4:56min

PS-18 Bonus - Information on excellent Plugins, New Photoshop Tricks and Tips. An introduction to the Next Series- 'S/N' (not Signal/Noise- Soup to Nuts!). Next round we'll take (Included) Master Files and take them from Preprocessing to Postprocessing to Printing! 6:56min