Soup to Nuts walks you through pre-processing theory, and practically applies it to MaxIm DL and Astroart. As an added bonus, it also provides an update on earlier releases of Photoshop CS.

S/N = Soup to Nuts

Preview SN-1 Introduction - What's New at IP4AP and series goals for S2N, Camtasia Flash player. 3:00min

Preview SN-2 CS5 Part-1  a CS4-5 Primer, 32/64-bit installation and Plugins, Workspace presets, Panels. 3:55min

SN-3 CS5 Part-2 Adjustment Layers and the Adjustments Panel- major features covered: Auto-Hide, Clipping Layers, Masks Panel, 'Show Clipping', On-Screen Control. 4:57min

SN-4 CS5 Part-3 Smart Filters, Image tabs, Keyboard shortcut changes, File/Automate (Lens Correction and Merge to HDR Pro), Tool improvements. 4:43min

Preview SN-5 Preprocessing Part 1 Calibration/Reduction theory and practical application- understanding Bias, Dark, Defect Map, Flat, and Light frames; available software. 5:21min

SN-6 Preprocessing Part 2 Calibration/Reduction theory and practical application- understanding Bias, Dark, Defect Map, Flat, and Light frames; available software. 4:48min

Preview SN-7 Astroart-1  Intro to Astroart, and Tools/Preprocessing- Files/Options/Extra, Bad column repair. 5:02min

SN-8 Astroart-2  Preprocessing's Options tab- new 'Reject Bad Images', aligning and combining settings. 6:44min

SN-9 Astroart-3  CCD Color Synthesis (Debayering) settings, DSLR RAW. 5:10min

SN-10 Astroart-4  Debayering DSLR RAW in Adobe Photoshop CS5, One-Shot-Color Flats explained. 2:51min

SN-11 Astroart-5  One-Shot-Color Preprocessing, Defect Mapping. 3:51min

SN-12 Astroart-6  Monochromatic Preprocessing, Color Menu- Trichromy, LRGB Synthesis. 5:46min

SN-13 Astroart-7  Pseudo Luminance, Maximum Entropy and Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution. 5:31min

SN-14 Astroart-8  For the first time, Astroart 5's new 'Remove gradient' and 'Cosmetic' filters are detailed.  Adaptive vignetting and gradient repair, satellite trail removal, star bloat and star elongation fixes. 5:29min

SN-15 Astroart-9  DDP (Digital Development Process), Log stretch, Curves,  Levels, the Color Menu. 5:59min

SN-16 Astroart-10  Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, Unsharp Mask, the Arithmetic menu, Edit/Pixels, FITS orientation and other editing tools. 6:03min

Preview SN-17 MaxIm DL-1  Intro to MaxIm, Process/Stack and the Calibration Wizard. 4:25min

SN-18 MaxIm DL-2  Remove Bad Pixels, Debayering CCD and DSLR RAW, One-Shot-Color Flats, Deblooming NABG data. 4:32min

SN-19 MaxIm DL-3  Stack's Select/Quality/Align tab settings. 4:22min

SN-20 MaxIm DL-4  Stack's Color/Combine tab settings, Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution. 4:52min

SN-21 MaxIm DL-5  UFI (Uneven Field Illumination) repair with Auto Remove, Auto Flatten Background, and Flatten Background, MaxIm's Preview window features. 5:52min

SN-22 MaxIm DL-6  DDP, RGB Trichromy, Log stretch, Curves, Linear 16-bit Saves. 5:08min

SN-23 MaxIm DL-7  The Color Menu- Color Balance, Color Adjust, Realign Planes, Adjust Saturation, Pixel Range Restriction, Information Window, Color Smoothing. 3:24min

SN-24 MaxImDL-8  The Filter Menu- FFT, Kernel, and Wavelet filters- High and Low-Pass, Unsharp Mask, and Gaussian Blur; Part-1 wrap-up. 3:35min