Inside PixInsight 2018 Second Edition by Warren A. Keller

In the Second Edition of this book, Warren Keller reveals the secrets of astro-image processing software PixInsight in a practical and easy to follow manner, allowing the reader to produce stunning astrophotographs from even mediocre data. As the first comprehensive post-processing platform to be created by astro-imagers for astro-imagers, it has for many, replaced the generic graphics editors as the software of choice. With clear instructions from Keller, astrophotographers can get the most from its tools to create amazing images. Capable of complex post-processing routines, PixInsight is also an advanced pre-processing software, through which astrophotographers calibrate and stack their exposures into completed master files. Although it is extremely powerful, PixInsight has been inadequately documented in print--until now. With screenshots to help illustrate the process, it is a vital guide.

While this second edition isn't a complete reworking, it is greatly expanded from the 2016 first edition. Newer tools, such as PhotometricColorCalibration, ArcsinhStretch, and the GAME script are fully detailed, while older, mainline processes such as ImageIntegration, are covered in much greater detail. While we thought that the first edition was a near-perfect beast, Warren learned much more since its publication, giving him the opportunity to expound upon, clarify, and even correct many concepts in this second edition. If a user has continued to keep up with all of the changes to the program, by scouring the forum, and studying our Reloaded series, then the second edition may not be essential. But for those starting out, and even for the intermediate processor who isn't up on all of the latest advancements, or who simply wants the most current and complete information, then this second edition is substantially superior to the first, and a must have!

Post-Publication Corrections

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I've got the eBook and the amount of planning and work that must have gone into it is most impressive. It's a very comprehensive coverage of all the essentials and nicely written. PI has needed something like this for quite some time. Well done.
Geoff Smith
Just ordered eBook version and already learnt about DarkStructureEnhance script... it made my M33 even more spectacular. This book is a gem :). Congratulations!
Michael Kalika
...anyway I hope that this book ends all the bitching about no documentation, because it's very thorough and a clear guide to using PI.
Rob Pfile
Yeah, just from thumbing through it, I can see where I'm missing a few steps already. LOL! It's laid out well! I think this is going to be required reading for anyone who does astrophotography.
Matt Harbison
Got your autographed book today. What an achievement! Nice layout and the pics and graphics look great. I will enjoy many autumn nights by the fire reading your book.
Ken Kattner
Excellent job on documenting PI. Although there are many different tutorials available on the web, none of them helped me to learn how to use the software in an organized workflow. You have succeeded in this. It will take some time to totally understand all the nuances in the software, but I can continue to bite off little chunks as I have the opportunity. Thank you again for an excellent source of reference for PI.
Francis Ombrello
Just received my second of three copies of your book. When things got delayed I couldn’t help myself so had to order the Kindle version. All that did was fuel my appetite for the ‘real’ thing. I need to be able to jump back and forth with fingers stuck between pages etc. I think you definitely fill the need for a comprehensive tome on PixInsight. What I’ve read so far is perfect for those of us who have struggled trying to put it all together. I am really looking forward to reading this cover to cover and over and over while I work on the backlog of images I’ve amassed over the past several months. While this copy will rapidly become dog-eared I anxiously await my signed copy which will proudly remain in pristine condition alongside my other autographed books from authors and mentors especially those I can call friends. Thanks again Warren. This was definitely worth the wait and hopefully you feel worth your while. Keep ALL the music coming….
Bob Massey
This is an absolute masterpiece of clarity, concision, and essential detail. I love the process workflow structure, and very much appreciate the thoughtful consideration given to the best settings for each of the PI tools. I wish I could somehow absorb it all into my own head. This will no doubt become the Bible of image processing. Thank you a thousand times over.
Jay Butler
I got your book last week and was immediately starting to read some chapters. Although I’m a PI user from the very first beginning, I was surprised to find nevertheless additional infos to modules, scripts and some interesting new thoughts to processing steps. Although I’m a subscriber of your tutorials from the very first beginning too, the book is a perfect supplement to these tutorials on web and DVD’s. A new standard reference is born! Due to the fact, that the book is absolutely helpful for beginners as well as advanced PI users, I will give a clear recommendation in our PixInsight community. The effort to create such a book is incredible to me – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Best regards!
Herbert Walter, Austria
Finally, a book purely devoted to PixInsight. There are other written guides to PixInsight, but they're buried in other books that talk about what kind of scope to get, etc. This book has detailed process explanations and workflows, and helps you understand a bit what is "underneath the hood". I've already read it cover to cover once, and now I'm going back to dissect the various parts that I know I need. I already found things I was doing wrong. It's a good companion to the IP4AP online series, but you don't need to subscribe to IP4AP to enjoy the book--it's completely separate.
Dr. Stuart Forman
As books like this go, this is one of the best. It has been written with much care, considering the small potential audience.
John Redmond
I wish this book had been available a couple of years ago when I first started using PixInsight. Like most others, I struggled (crawled) up the learning curve using any and all resources that I could dig up. Warren Keller puts all the essentials in one spot in an easy to digest and well-written format.
Robert Tracy
Highly recommended. Like Photoshop, PixInsight is a *huge* toolkit, and you don't need all parts of it at once. This is the much-needed guidebook to help you find your way around.
Michael Covington
Excellent Book, Excellent Author, Excellent Communication, I bought both the digital and soft cover.. and a spare softcover....! An excellent resource (Did I say excellent too much?... nope!)
Jeffery Struve
Your Pixinsight book is a revelation. I have been a Pixinsight user for about 3 years - when I started into serious astrophotography. I thought I had a good working grasp of the essentials - until I bought the book. Many thanks!!!!
Mark Schapper
...the book is an invaluable resource of information and highly recommend it. In the short time since receiving the book my cover is well worn and much of the content in the pages are highlighted and bookmarked. Having used Warren's online tutorials for a couple years I thought I would skip the first few chapters but around the third page I read something I didn't know and just went from there. Learning how to manipulate masks in a way you would layers in PS was the icing on the cake for me. The book is A to Z and a little beyond in processing an image all at the convenience of your fingertips.
Randy Haynes